Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
― Winston Churchill (via psych-quotes)
Do your best. Get the best. Be the best. You are the best. Read it, remember it and believe that I think you’re the best. I want the best for you. It only takes one.
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"Welcome to the glade, shank."

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140313 - Twitter - Myungsoo's birthday ♥


Woohyun :

길비서 생일 캬캬캬

[It’s] Secretary Gil’s birthday kyakyakya

Sungyeol :

명수야생일축하해 생일선물은 너가좋아하는거 1기가줄께♡ 많이봐라^^

Myungsoo-yah happy birthday, as a present I’ll give you one giga[byte] of that thing you like♡ Watch it a lot^^

Sungjong :

명수형 생일진심으로 축하해요♡♡♡ 태어나줘서 감사합니다^-^

"i want to show an upgraded side of myself at any point, that’s why i keep on trying"- #happyLDay

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